Bring The Perfect Border Or Hedge To Your Home With Cedar Shrubs

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If you are looking for a way to edge or border your property, consider adding a row of hardy cedar shrubs. The rich green foliage of cedar, as well as the fresh, familiar scent, make this an ideal type of shrub for edging and landscaping any property. These plants are easy to care for, and they don't create a lot of mess for homeowners in terms of clean-up or maintenance.

Some common things to know about cedar include the following:

Why cedar?

Cedar hedges and shrubs make an excellent barrier and windbreak near a home or yard, and the slow-growing nature of these plants makes them a good choice for smaller dwellings and properties. Cedar is a hardy shrub that thrives widely in many different grow zones and climates. Furthermore, there is something stately and subtle about the look of a property lined with cedar trees or hedges.

First, they sleep.

Some buyers may get frustrated by the lack of growth that they observe with young cedar shrubs and plants. The truth is, the first year of planting a cedar, it transitions to its surroundings and really doesn't grow much. Be sure to tend the cedar, protecting it during harsh weather and making sure it receives adequate water and, then, just wait.

Next, they creep.

The next year or two of your cedar's life, it may not show marked growth and height. This is why cedars make such good plants for smaller dwellings or cramped yards. Continue to care for, water, and protect the cedar as needed, and don't assume that it isn't going to thrive in its new environment. Again, if you are looking for signs of hardiness and growth, you will have to wait.

Finally, they leap.

Finally, after a couple of growing seasons, you should see marked improvement in the size of your cedar. Not only will it have gotten taller, but it should exhibit more fullness and foliage. Naturally, the time-line for this growth spurt will depend on a number of factors including climate, conditions, and care.

There are many reasons why cedar is an excellent choice for bordering or landscaping a property. The lovely, rich color, the fresh scent, and the easy care are all compelling reasons to check out the selections of cedar shrubs and seedlings available. These can be planted during any mild season in most grow zones, but remember that they will take a while to leap and grow. For more information, contact a company like Arbor Man Tree Care.